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What is the Life at Home Report

About Our Life at
Home Research

Welcome to the Life at Home Report 2018.

Every year, we set out to understand more about what makes a better life at home, by connecting with thousands of people where they live. And this year is no exception.

The things we learn help us continually develop products, show furnishing solutions and design home experiences that take us closer to our vision.

What we did in 2018

The making of this year's Life at Home Report

Ever since our 2016 report, we have been harbouring a deep curiosity about where the feeling of home really comes from.

Back then, we found that 20% of people felt more at home in other places than the space that they lived in every day. Two years on, we found that 29% of people globally feel this way, rising to 35% of people living in cities. We wanted to find out why lots of people feel this way, and where they go to create that feeling of home.

Here’s what we did this year:

Behind the scenes of the Life at Home Report

People and their stories are at the very heart of the Life at Home Report. At IKEA, we try to get as close as possible to how life at home is really happening, one story at a time. We put together a film to share some of those stories and what we do with all the things we learn.

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Life at Home, around the world

Greta's Story

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Anna's Story

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Alessandro's story

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William's story

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Jiaqin and Gao's story

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Mary's story

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